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Politics latest news: Nicola Sturgeon failing to ‘respect will of people’ with IndyRef2 push, says minister

Nicola Sturgeon will today unveil her plan to hold a second referendum on Scottish independence, with the SNP leader targeting October next year for the vote to take place (you can read the full story here).  

Ms Sturgeon is expected to set out how she intends to get around the UK Government refusing to grant permission for the vote. 

Chris Philp, the technology minister, said this morning that Ms Sturgeon should respect the result from the 2014 referendum which was supposed to be a “once in a generation” event. 

He told Sky News: “We had a referendum in 2014, the Scottish people delivered their verdict by a fairly clear 10 point margin. 

“Nicola Sturgeon at the time, and her then mentor Alex Salmond, said very clearly to the Scottish people this was going to be a once in a generation referendum, it was only a few years ago, that’s not once in a generation. 

“I think Nicola Sturgeon should respect the will of the Scottish people that was expressed so clearly in that referendum.”

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