5 Characters That Need to be in the Next ‘Sonic The Hedgehog’ Film

Since the film’s first release in 2020 and its subsequent 2022 sequel, Sonic The Hedgehog has become one of the highest-grossing video game adapted film franchises of all time, with a third installment currently in development and even a spin-off TV series about Knuckles soon coming to Paramount+.

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With the second film’s after-credits scene has hinted at a familiar face making his first on-screen appearance in the next film, other beloved Sonic characters deserve to have their own time in the cinematic limelight alongside Ben Schwartz, Idris Elba, and Jim Carrey as the eccentric and chaotic Dr. Robotnik. Here are five more characters from the Sonic The Hedgehog franchise that need to make an appearance in future films. [SPOILERS AHEAD]


Shadow the Hedgehog

For those who watched the after-credits scene in the second film, Shadow has already been revealed and has been teased about his role in the third film which will be inspired by the events in the game that first introduced him, Sonic Adventure 2, but since the release date is still a fair bit away it’s, of course, unknown about the full extent of his cinematic portrayal. Shadow is a beloved fan favorite of the franchise who even got his own stand-alone video game in 2005, even if it was critically panned and was SEGA’s bizarre attempt at character development.

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The news of who will voice Shadow is still far off on the horizon, although many fans have expressed interest in actors such as Liam Neeson, Adam Driver, Keanu Reeves, and Pedro Pascal as possible contenders, as well as Kirk Thornton who is currently voicing the black-and-red hedgehog and has been since 2010. While the news of whoever is chosen to play Shadow is still up in the air, we can only hope that they can deliver on the peak edginess and melodrama that is the central core of his character.

Blaze the Cat

Another fan fave, Blaze is a pyrokinetic cat princess and guardian of the Sol Diamonds who lives in an alternative dimension from Sonic and his friends and sacrificed herself to save her friend and the world in a post-apocalyptic wasteland in the future, what a girlboss! The lavender cat was first introduced in 2005 with the platformer Sonic Rush and has since remained a consistent figure in other games such as Sonic Rivals, Sonic and the Black Knight, and Sonic Generations.

Whether she will appear in any future projects is of course unknown, but possible actors for her voice could be Kristen Stewart, Natalie Portman, Zoë Kravitz, or Zendaya, as well as her current voice actress, Erica Lindbeck.

Amy Rose

The lack of Amy Rose so far, a character who first appeared in Sonic CD in 1993, is surprising since she has been such an integral part of Sonic’s team since her introduction and has been featured in almost every video game and television series of the Sonic franchise. No news has since come out about her future, although fans are hopeful that she will soon appear in future films.

Actresses that could suit Amy’s voice include Alison Brie, Kristen Schaal,Jenny Slate, andAnna Kendrick, as well as her most recent voice actor Cindy Robinson. Hopefully, the hammer-wielding pink icon soon finds her place on the silver screen.

Rouge the Bat

For no particular reason, Rouge is very well-loved by Sonic fans, although I would recommend using safe-search when you look her up. Jokes aside, Rouge the Bat is a really fun character, and hopefully the introduction of Shadow, her work partner and frequent collaborator, could mean hope for the appearance of the buxom bat bombshell.

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Karen Strassman is her current voice actor, but actresses such as Margot Robbie, Maya Rudolph,Emily Blunt, and my personal favorite as well as a lifelong dream, Jennifer Coolidge could make excellent choices for Rouge.

A fierce antagonist and the artificial equivalent of Sonic himself, Metal Sonic is a robot of pure evil created by Dr. Robotnik for the sole purpose of destroying Sonic. Metal Sonic’s appearances in any future films would be incredibly thrilling, he would absolutely make for some excellent fight scenes as he and Sonic go head-to-head.

Fans have already begun speculating whether he will actually appear in the next film alongside Shadow, although opinions on his voice are currently mixed. The character, who isn’t always given a voice, could communicate via classic robot noises or could even be a distorted and glitched version of Ben Schwartz’s voice, however this is all still just up in the air. Whatever character (or characters) happens to make an appearance would still be appreciated, and we can only dream until then.

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